Interested in participating in The Girls' Index?

THE GIRLS’ INDEX research will be duplicated every several years. If you are interested in having your school participate in the next Girls' Index data collection, please let us know!

Participating in The Girls’ Index data collection is confidential and voluntary. Girls who complete the survey do not disclose identifying information and responses are not tracked to respondent, thus their anonymity and the school’s confidentiality is protected.

Schools that participated in The Girls' Index 2017 received a report detailing the summary of responses from the girls in their school on each of the questions. The ROX Research Institute analyzed the data and prepared a report personalized for each school site. Specialized analysis can be used for administrative decision-making concerning:

  • Curricular offerings and school policies
  • Co-curricular programming, advisory curricula and after-school clubs and activities
  • School climate and social and emotional learning competencies
  • Student support services and comprehensive school-counseling program delivery
  • Parent and staff development workshops
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Sponsor the next Girls' Index research study

If your business, company or organization would like to partner with ROX on The Girls' Index, fill out the form below and our Development Manager will be in touch with you with information on sponsorship opportunities. 

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