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Your support allows ROX to provide programming to more girls -- giving girls the opportunity to develop social, personal and academic skills to effectively navigate the challenges of adolescence.

We want ALL girls to have access to ROX and that is why girls or their families do not pay to participate in ROX. Your tax-deductible gift will help create generations of confident and successful girls who can control their own decisions, relationships and experiences! 

Thank you for your gift and for your belief that Being A Girl ROX!


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In loving memory of Dr. Patty

Dr. Patricia Cunningham II Scholarship Fund

Dr. Patricia Cunningham, fondly called Dr. Patty, was a key member of the ROX team as a program facilitator, a trainer and a relentless advocate for girls. She launched the ROX program at Columbus City Preparatory School for girls in Columbus, Ohio and through her work empowered hundreds of girls throughout her program facilitation. Dr. Patty was intensely committed to providing underrepresented students with opportunities and access in order to build greater aspirations.

The fund provides direct support for ROX programming in schools with a designated poverty level of 75% or above. This includes opportunities for ROX Facilitator licensure training as well as school-program costs. We believe that all girls can benefit from ROX and that all girls should have the opportunity to access the important information and skills - especially girls with limited access to programming such as ROX.

To become a supporter of the Dr. Patty Scholarship Fund, select ‘Dr. Patricia Cunningham II Scholarship Fund’ from the first dropdown when making your gift.