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Schedule an engaging and custom workshop, training or speaking engagement with ROX Founder, Dr. Lisa Hinkelman. Based soundly in research, Lisa's interactive and down-to-earth style provides a unique and enjoyable experience for girls, educators, parents, businesses and organizations. 

With 15 years of clinical and school counseling experience and 10 years of direct research on girls and their experiences, Dr. Lisa Hinkelman conducts keynote speaking engagements, trainings and professional development workshops across the country. Engagements focus on the unique needs of girls and Dr. Hinkelman's research which has been published in technical reports, professional journal articles, and her award-winning book "Girls Without Limits."

We will work with you to ensure that presentations and trainings are relevant to your audience and are fully customized to the needs of your school, business or organization's audience. Please complete the information below and our Director of Operations, Lauren Hancock, will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours.  


Trainings we offer:

  • Creating competent learners: How self-esteem and confidence influence academic outcomes for girls

  • The social and emotional learning needs of girls

  • The impact of technology and social media on the perceptions, behaviors and performance of female students

  • Creating positive school climate: Addressing bullying, aggression and competition amongst girls

  • Keeping our girls safe: Addressing healthy relationships, dating violence and safety

  • Future ready leaders: Post-secondary and career planning for girls

  • Stress, pressure, anxiety and depression: The complex challenges facing today's girls

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