Community Programs

Safety & Self-Defense workshops 


ROX staff members are certified women's self-defense instructors and have a combined 16 years experience teaching self-defense to girls and women.  Self-defense education is a component of the ROX curriculum and the ROX team also provides private stand-alone workshops for schools, organizations, teams, and businesses. The safe, female-only environment allows participants to explore myths and facts about violence, learn emotional, verbal, and physical strategies for staying safe, and experience their own strength and confidence in a supportive setting.


Mother-daughter workshops 


Facilitated workshops with mothers/ female adults and girls provide opportunities for girls to connect in meaningful ways with the important adults in their lives. Workshops can be conducted as part of a full ROX program or as a stand-alone activity. These 2 hour workshops are delivered by two trained facilitators and are effective in improving communication and connections between adults and teens. Adult-only activities, teen-only activities and joint activities provide an opportunity for honest discussion and a safe place to explore new ways of relating.


Schedule a time to chat with ROX Community Program & Partnership Manager, Lauren Morosky, ( to set up a workshop in your community!

ROXstar Summer Programs

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ROX has several week-long summer programs to help girls discover what it means to be a smart, strong, safe and confident girl! Through interactive, engaging and fun activities, girls will have the opportunity to discuss the big issues going in their lives and will develop skills to navigate challenges and find success.

Topics covered will include: team-building, confidence & self-esteem, assertive communication, social media, healthy friendships & relationships, girl bullying & relational aggression, body image and verbal & physical self-defense.

Check back in Spring 2020 for Summer 2020 opportunities!